About Us - Save a Room

Welcome to Save a Room - an expert in smart living solutions! We provide you with space-saving and multi-functional furniture, that will maximize your living space.

Save a Room is a distributor of Multimo Beds, a European manufacturer of finest modern wall bed systems, bunk beds and other space-saving furniture.

Forget an outdated squicky murphy bed from your grandma's house! Multimo wall beds are designed to transform your home into smart, functional space that you and your guests will enjoy. Multiple matching add-on pieces will make room planning an easy task.

Choose from additional book cases and wardrobes in various sizes to create a multi-functional room for your family and guests. Each bed is equipped with ergonomic gas shocks, which provide effortless opening and closing. Simple modern design of Multimo wall beds will complement any interior and will stay in trend for years to come.