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Warranty & Safety Save a Room

Damage claims

All packages are 100% insured.

Please note, all damage claims should be submitted within 30 days of the delivery.


When choosing a HIGH GLOSS color option, only the vertical face panels will have a high gloss finish. The rest of the bed cabinet: side panels, inside shelves, and external horizontal shelves and desks will have a  semi-gloss (satin) finish.

The main characteristic of the high gloss finish is that it reflects surrounding light, and depending on the light temperature and color tone, the color of the high gloss panel may look slightly different from the semi-gloss panels.

Please keep in mind, that in warm yellow lighting, a white high-gloss front panel of the bed will appear more yellowish than semi-gloss side panels.


Multimo Beds emphasizes quality and sets high standards for ourselves and partners. We use first-rate materials for longevity and insist on obtaining certifications from safety and quality authorities. Most items are sealed with low or zero emission high grade finishes to assist with scratch resistance and color retention.

The Wall and Bunk Beds have CARB 2 Certification

All products melamine faced panels are made of CARB P2 compliant particle board CPSIA/ CPSC/ PROP65 Compliant.

Hinges and drawer glides are tested for durability and ease of use.

Multimo brand products have a five-year factory warranty against manufacturing defects such as breakage, deformation or discoloration.

The internal metal mechanisms have a lifetime factory warranty against manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover breakage, deformation, discoloration, wear and tear due to improper use or cleaning. Please read the instruction manual for proper cleaning and care procedures. Spare parts are available at cost. Please email sales@savearoom.com or call 1 (888) 325-8808.

Attention / How to / Read me / Owner's Guide

1. Mounting of furniture must be to the wall made of brick, concrete or similarly strong material. Wood or metal stud mounting is also acceptable.

Paper-mache and sheetrock like walls are not suitable. Do not mount furniture to paper-mache or sheetrock like material as improper mounting may cause injury to person(s) and damage to property.

2. When mounting on regular drywall, furniture must be fastened to wood or metal studs. Solid walls made of brick, concrete or similarly strong material are also acceptable. Do not mount furniture to paper-mache or sheetrock like material without properly fixing to studs.

3. For safety and product longevity you must periodically inspect the mounting and mechanical connections for integrity and tightness.

4. Wall Bed mattress thickness may not exceed 8 inches. Doing so keeps mechanism free of obstruction and unnecessary stress.

5. Do not lean or rest heavy objects on the side or top of furniture. This may cause balance issues and compromise the integrity of your mounting connections.

6. Please use the furniture's beds, desks, and shelving as intended. Not designed to be sat, stood, leaned, jumped (etc) on. Improper use may cause personal injury and damage to property.

7. With seasonal humidity change, you must inspect the interior and exterior of furniture.

8. Single, Twin, Twin XL beds accommodate the weight of one person. Improperly sleeping more than one person risks injury to person(s) and damage to property.

9. Before any unmounting or disassembly please contact Multimo for technical support and instruction. Failure to properly detach risks injury to person and damage to property.

10. It is important to remove excess pillows, blankets and fold headboard before closing unit. Failure to remove obstructions and then forcing operation of the unit may cause damage to property and/or person. If the bed is stuck, do not force it! Contact Multimo.

11. For Bunk Beds:

a. Always use the provided ladder when accessing top bunk.

b. Be slow, careful and aware of surroundings when opening top bunk.

c. Do not horseplay. Beds are to be slept on only.

d. Some have legs that fully extend when open- be aware of where the leg is and will be.