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Multimo TWIN Sleep 6" Memory Foam Mattress

Wake up rejuvenated with Sleep Mattress. The memory foam mattress conforms to the unique shape of your body, minimizing pressure on the shoulders and hips, and providing balanced support through the night. Meanwhile, the mattress' dense foam core promises enduring quality. The result is an unparalleled sleep experience that combines innovative materials with lasting comfort. The Sleep memory foam mattress is an extraordinarily comfortable mattress to sleep. This mattress provides balanced support and comfort. It minimizes the pressure on your body and relieves your stressed and strained muscles. Is made of memory foam and high-density foam that offers an ultimately complete relaxation during sleep. It provides an evenly distributed support for your body that eases out all the soreness and body aches. This foam mattress cradles your body and creates a comfortably balanced form around you body as you sleep on it. It allows you to go to a deep, fuller, and sound sleep. The high-density foam at its core gives the mattress an unbridled durability. It is a flame-resistant mattress that meets the criteria set according to the federal flammability standard. The mattress comes in compressed and rolled package that is vacuum sealed making it easier while installing and maneuvering. This eco-friendly mattress prevents the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. It is the best solution to improve your health through better sleep.


  • Creates a perfectly balanced form around the body
  • Evenly relieves pressure focused on the shoulders, hips, and feet
  • Can be used on an upholstered bed, fold-out couch, sleeper sofa, bunk bed, platform bed, cot/rollaway bed, loft bed with slat.
  • Expand time: 24-48 hours
  • Firm comfort level
Product Details
Product Dimensions 6” H x 39” W x 75” L (TWIN)
Usage type Everyday

Tags: mattress, curved mattress